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Ordinary house paints are decorative coatings which are not intended to waterproof or fill cracks. ACEGUARD EW Elastometric Wall Coating produces a flexible layer that seals, bridges cracks and waterproof the porous surfaces on masonry plaster. The coating adheres tenaciously to the wall and can be tinted to get the desired shade of colour. It is also very effective against efflorescence and doesn’t peel off or debond in adverse weather conditions. The cured film is easily washable and is free of volatile organic components.

Key Features:

  • Pure Acrylic based Exterior protective Wall coating
  • Specially Formulated for Hilly and high humidity regions
  • Three times thicker coating that a conventional exterior coating
  • Resistant to fungal & mildew in high humidity conditions
  • Waterproof Walls against wind driven rainwater
  • High elongation to bridge cracks on the wall
  • Excellent UV resistance for long term colour stay
  • No chalking throughout the service life of the coating
  • Resistant to efflorescence/salt generation on walls

Application areas:

  • Masonry substrate or concrete walls
  • Gypsum or cement boards
  • Areas prone to heavy rainfall
  • Regions with high water table
  • Humid chambers and Cold stores