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INSUSET is a dry mix compound which when mixed with water, yields a high performance mortar for use in Thermal Insulation System. The mortar is used as an adhesive to fix rigid polystyrene sheets onto the masonry substrate for thermal insulation purpose and it is also applied as a non cracking plaster (base coat) over the polystyrene sheets.

Key Features:

  • Dual purpose as adhesive & base coat for Wall insulation systems
  • High adhesion to Extruded/Expanded polystyrene sheets.
  • Non cracking attribute of base coat with high impact resistance
  • Single component requires only mixing water at the site
  • Self curing therefore no water sprinkling is required
  • Protects Polystyrene sheets from Wind driven rain and UV rays
  • Smooth, creamy consistency increases jobsite productivity

Application areas:

  • Rigid Polystyrene (EPS/XPS) Boards